Viva La Flora Live – The Art and Business of Flowers is today’s featured podcast with Anahit Hakobyan

VLF Live Podcast is an educational and inspirational show for all florists, flower artists and entrepreneurs, floral industry pros and beginners, and simply for flower lovers.

Anahit, the podcast host, takes a deep dive into floristry, into what it really takes to run a successful floral business, how to be a better floral designer, how to stay inspired and inspire others.

“As we know, our profession encompasses a wide range of industries and other fields, such as artists, designers, farmers, distributors, wholesalers, educators, planners, photographers… and the list goes on. It is vital to recognize the importance of each and every one of these experts.

I will be striving to bring a glimpse of it all to you through stories from industry experts, newcomers, trendsetters, and followers.

Topics and guests include:

“The Magic of Garden Roses” with Jose Azout

“PRICING For Profit” with Christi Lopez & Anahit Hakobyan

‘WE all have to start somewhere in our business”

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