With fresh flowers coming into your home, you will want a vase to keep them alive for longer! The Amaranth Vase offers an innovative design to nurture your favorite bouquets in three easy steps. Your flowers can stay vibrant for longer with Amaranth Vase Co. – It’s never been easier! 

  • Equipped with its own drainage system, simply pop off the detachable bottom, trim the stems, and seal back up without the hassle of removing the entire bouquet. Pour water into the fillable base, and you’re done!The only vase available to keep flowers fresh and vibrant in 3 simple steps.

The Amaranth Vase completely transforms your floral experience! This water-draining vase allows for easy stem access for longer-lasting flowers. 

All you need for fresh and vibrant flowers are 3 easy steps: TWIST, DRAIN, and TRIM. 

This innovative vase is not just incredibly functional, it’s modern and beautiful!  It features a sleek 3D diamond modern design making it a statement piece. 

Crafted from a blend of marble powder and plastic, this unique vase is shatter-proof and virtually unbreakable. That means no more worrying about a vase falling over and smashing all over your floor. This exclusive blend of materials gives the vase a premium and luxurious feel. 

We can’t wait for you to experience the magic of the Amaranth vase!

Dimensions: 7.5″x3″ 

Starting at $39.99 you can get this vase on their website at https://amaranthvase.com/collections/all

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