FLOWER CARE 101 – August Floral Trends You Should Know!

Always clean your stems before you start.. makes bouquet making a whole lot easier!

Cut your stems a little as you build your bouquet, the length and weight of the stems can pull and make it trickier to create the shape you’re working on.

To prolong the life of your flowers: cut the flowers at an angle to prevent the stem from sitting flat on the bottom of the vase so they can soak up the water and be sure to change the water every day.

Keeping flowers away from direct sunlight will prolong the life of the flowers. Flowers will last longer in a cooler room.


From @lateedaflowerstx:
Don’t be intimidated by flowers because In flowers, there really are no rules . Design with your heart, design with your soul, design with your brain- any way you design it, make it yours! – Lauren Crouch, General Manager at La Tee Da Flowers

From @jennasleeman_aifd

It’s important to know the morphology & best processing practices of each botanical you are working with… remember function before design to get the best customer experience, bloom longevity and the best results. For example, weddings have changed- many couples aren’t going on their honeymoon right after their weddings anymore and want to make their wedding flowers last so florists need to process and design the wedding flowers so that they can be enjoyed long after the ceremony – Jenna Sleeman, AIFD, CFD, CEO Infinite Gift & Events