Located in the heart of New York City, FlowerSchool New York is one of the most celebrated floral design schools in the world.  FlowerSchool is the place where aspiring designers go to begin their floral education and delve into the world of contemporary floral arranging.

FlowerSchool New York offers a wide variety of floral design classes, bring in the most sought-after designers from all over the world to teach their uniquely comprehensive programs.

TODAY’S INTERVIEW IS WITH CALVERT CRARY, FlowerSchool New YorkExecutive Director

Tell us about the Flower School NY & LA – how, when and why it got started (the inspiration behind it

FlowerSchool, the school, was started as a way for students to receive professional training as a high end floral designer. As most are aware, being a florist is a trade that is passed down similarly to apprenticeship training.  Getting a highly coveted apprenticeship is often impossible. But, at FlowerSchool, students can have the opportunity to work with a multitude of designers with different styles and backgrounds. 

Tell us about your background

I started my post-education career as someone who would never work again.  After 10 years of being a travel and lifestyle photographer, and 15 years of being a florist and floral designer, this remains to be the case. I have the unique opportunity to develop ideas and create art as a way life and not so much, a job.

What are some of the most memorable moments you have had as the Director of the Flower School?

One of the biggest thrills we have is when one of our young designers sets out on their own and opens her/his own business. We’ve done this several times ourselves but to guide another young designer on their floral journey is one of our biggest thrills.

Other memorable experiences include bringing Christian Tortu, the famed French designer, to New York to work with us at the school on several different programs. Truly one of the most remarkable florists of all time. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that.

What have been the biggest challenges you had getting started?

Interestingly enough, flowers sell themselves.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced during the past 18 months (since the onset of Covid 19)?

I think I can speak for a lot of florists by saying that trying to talk yourself out of thinking this is the ‘new normal’ can be a challenge. This was a kin to having the worst professional year of your career and a breaking point whether you’re going to continue to do this or find another career. So convincing yourself that this is a momentary blip is emotionally the most difficult thing.

Tell us about some of the courses (you can list 1,2 or 3 courses here) you offer, who the course is for, the benefits of the courses, the cost to register and where readers can get more info

1- our most popular program is our five day intensive series. This floral design skills program will lead the students through the basics of being a florist. Shopping, recipe writing, planning, skills with the tools, skills with the flowers, large scale, modern design, etc. This is when students have an aha moment and realize that they are one in the right place and two there is a multitude of different things that can be done with the one of the products that we use.

2- Other popular programs include our recreation programs. Beginners open studios and one time master class programs. These are always a joy and everyone leaves with something beautiful that they can enjoy for days. Sometimes weeks.

FlowerSchool New York is located at:

253 West 28th Street

7th Floor

New York, NY  10001

T: 212.661.8074

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