To Offer Unique Keepsakes For Special Occasions

The wedding industry is one of the most lucrative in the world and is expected to continue to grow. According to The Wedding Report, 2022 was estimated to be the biggest year for it since 1984. With this demand comes an influx of new trends and requests to meet the modern couple’s needs. Judi Gevara, a Houston-based mother of two, is offering a creative way for people to seal in the memories of their special day with sentimental keepsakes to be treasured for years to come.

Judi first started in the wedding industry, managing a local bridal boutique in Houston. She loved being a part of the bride’s big day and helping them find the perfect dress, but many had similar requests that weren’t very common at that time. For example, how could they preserve their bouquets after their wedding? Although she couldn’t direct them on where to go or how to get them done, this idea stuck with Judi. 

She began playing around with the idea of casting bouquets in resin. First, she preserved her friend’s bouquets by drying them with a special method to draw out all the moisture. Then Judi arranged the dehydrated flowers in molds selected by the client and poured resin on top to encapsulate the design, the beauty, and the special memories of which the bouquet was a part. The whole process takes about six months. As people began to receive their creations back, news spread and quickly gained popularity as more women began asking her to do their bouquets. Beyond brides and weddings, people also wanted unique keepsakes with flowers from funerals, graduations, landmark anniversaries, and more.

COVID-19 hit, and Judi was still working at the bridal boutique but unhappy with her job. With her side business booming, she decided to take a big risk and do it full-time by starting Bloomsake. Much of her business was local as she was posting on Facebook bridal groups sharing her services which eventually led her to start her own Etsy shop. That’s where things took a turn, and order after order started rolling in. Judi began receiving dozens of bouquets and churring out all of the resin creations out of her garage. It eventually became so much work that she bought her own office space and had to hire help to meet the demand. 

"Bloomsake Preserved Flowers"
Bloomsake Preserved Flowers

Now, 2023 brings new and exciting changes and challenges as Bloomsake continues to expand and rise in popularity in the local Houston area and beyond. This year, they have plans to expand into their own retail space and are working on potential partnerships with other businesses.

More About Bloomsake:

Founded by Judi Gevara in 2020, Bloomsake offers a modern version of floral preservation with keepsakes cast in resin. Preserving your flowers, the company can turn your beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements into a memento you can keep in your home to remind you of special memories from that day. Customizable in a one-of-a-kind tray, coaster, ring holder, and more, you can use your bridal bouquet or flowers from weddings, funerals, landmark anniversaries, or any special occasions.