Sarah Cambell is doing it again! She has scheduled two more tours for 2021 – Orlando, Fl (November 9 & 10, 2021) and San Diego, CA (November 15 & 16).

Sarah – Luxury Floral Teacher

Sarah Campbell is one of the stars from Netflix’s Big Flower Fight. Her floral School, Intrigue Teaches offers courses and workshops focused on luxury design.

About the Tours

Join Sarah at either (or both) destinations for 2 full days of hands-on floral installation creation! She and her class attendees will deep dive into flower choices, floral design, installation mechanics, production techniques, wedding day strategies, client consultations, pricing and EVERYTHING you’ve ever want to know about bringing your couples’ blooming floral installations to life!

Sarah teaches….

Here is more about the events in Sarah’s words:

It happened again, didn’t it?

You turned down your dream bride because you didn’t know how to create the installations she was asking for.

I’ve been reading your emails. I’ve seen your DMs, yours comments, and your posts:

You are ready to delve into large-scale installations…but freeze in the wake of the complicated mechanics, design and execution.

Your business is suffering because you are struggling with the mechanics, designs, and execution of large scale floral installations.

It’s time for that to STOP!

Not everything is as easy as following an instruction manual…but your installations are about to be.

I’m going back out on tour in November 2021!

I am bringing lifts, ladders and big ol’ buckets of blooms to teach you how to bring these installations to life from start to finish!

Come work with me on an immersive, hands-on, 2 day adventure through the installation process from start to finish: design, processing, mechanics, building and all of the little details in-between.

From the conception of the design to placing the final bloom, you will be there every step of the way.

Installations are a part of the Intrigue name, and this experience will give you the skills you’ll need to make them a part of your own business!

During this class you will…

– Learn to design the mechanics, recipes and floral prep of ceiling installations 

– Learn to design the mechanics, recipes and floral prep of floral chandeliers 

– Learn to design the mechanics, recipes and floral prep of floral walls 

– Learn recipe secrets for maximizing the client investment to create over the top designs

– Learn how to build a recipe to assure proper ordering. Never again run into dramatic shortages or heart breaking wasted overage!

Day 1: Chandeliers & Wall Installations 

Day 2: Wall Installations & Bonus Design

You will leave this workshop with extensive new design skills and a full portfolio of images to use for social media and marketing of these high end designs. 

Click on the destination and learn more about each venue below:

Orlando, Florida – Venue TBA

VENUE HOST: Julep Venue – San Diego, CA