Adrian Parsons is the Managing Director of Helix Australia and today’s featured interview

Helix Australia specialises in the breeding, licensing and marketing of new and improved varieties of Waxflower & Boronia.

Established in 2008, Helix Australia is the global leader in Waxflower and Boronia breeding targeting both the cut flower and landscape sectors. Our highly sophisticated Waxflower and Boronia breeding programmes have developed vastly improved flowering characteristics including exciting new colours, unique petal shapes, extended flowering times and improved plant vigor. Adrian Parsons shares his story with Helix Australia…

  • When did you first discover you loved flowers?

As a child about age 12 I started helping in the family garden,started my own propagation unit in the backyard  and selling Hydrangea plants at local weekend markets

"Adrian Pasons Managing Director"
  • How did you and when did you get started in the floral industry?

I got my first job at a local florist aged 17.I was involved in sales,customer service and receiving stock

  • What is your background? What formal/design education do you have?

In addition to part time florist work,I completed a Degree in Horticulture in nursery production and management

  • Tell us about one of your most memorable design creations (or events) and why it was memorable.

I don’t work in design section of the industry but in breeding new varieties.My most memorable hybrid Waxflower is called Ruby’s delight which features large pink blooms and lovely red buds.This variety is named after my youngest child Ruby Parsons 

  • What is your idea of the perfect flower arrangement?

I love the use of foliage like Eucalyptus,Grevillea,Steel Grass and large exotic flowers sch as proteas and banksias

  • What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Seeing the results of over 13 years breeding to introduce exciting new varieties of Waxflower for the global cut flower industry.I am proud to have established a global network of growers that ensures our Waxflowers are available 12 months of the year

  • What is the most challenging part of your work? 

The long lead time and considerable expense and time in breeding new varieties of Waxflower

"Helix Australia wax flower at the Farm"
waxflower growing on the farm
  • What do you love most about flowers/floral design?

After 30+ years in the industry I still get excited when new seasonal blooms come onto the markets such as Paeony, Daffodils, Freesia and an Australian exotic called Waratah.

  • Where do you look for inspiration?

I find the produce industry is considerably  more advanced on marketing new varieties of fruit and vegetables and I look to their experience to help drive and improve my business marketing efforts.

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