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Deborah’s handcrafted wreaths are the perfect design piece for a welcoming touch to your front door or inside your home. They look beautiful on your wall or mantle and can be a special gift for any occasion, such as a bridal shower, birthday, Mother’s Day, or for a baby’s room decor and seasonal holidays. Each wreath is unique and can be custom designed to your desired size and floral color preference. Her wreaths are made from natural wood grapevine. She creates her designs using silk flowers, greenery, and other faux florals and botanicals.

This is her story…

My inspiration for designing one of a kind stylish wreaths comes from growing up with parents who had green thumbs. Our outdoor space was landscaped beautifully with all kinds of flowers, trees, and bushes. They worked hard and enjoyed gardening and making it look gorgeous.

I loved the magenta magnolia tree we had in our front yard and all the rose bushes that trailed all the way down to the pond we lived in front of.

My Mom also designed and created a greenhouse in our basement for orchids which was her favorite flower.

Growing up in that atmosphere I believe brought me to my wreath designs today !
 As a photo/ product stylist for e-commerce and catalog for fashion and interiors, I love creating a beautiful, inviting home environment.

 So with my love of florals I create the most realistic luxury wreaths using the best silks, botanicals, greenery and wood grapevines. I love using unique branches and berries, pomegranates, ect…. and handmade mesh ribbons to make them stand out from other handcrafted wreaths adding to the beauty of the silk florals!

I design every wreath with great detail in my arrangements and choose beautiful color palettes.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.

I dream in flowers!


My favorite floral designer:

I really love Hattie Molloy, she’s in Australia. Why I like her work is because it’s different, contemporary and whimsical!
She’s a true artist and still life photographer. Her large installations are truly works of art as well as all of her designs.

Being a photo/ product stylist I appreciate the photography part of her and styling of course! I love her vision for creating an extraordinary atmosphere with her florals.


How I first got started in wreath designs:

I first became interested in designing wreaths when my brother asked me if I would be one of the designers for The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens in Ft. Lauderdale.  Each year they have a Holiday Magic Gala fundraiser for the beautiful historic museum.

They have designers for trees and center pieces too but I chose to design the wreaths. That’s where it all began and I loved doing it so much that I made wreaths for my brother and his wife’s front doors !

What makes my wreaths so special ? :

I think what makes my wreaths special is the color palettes that I use and the arrangements. Also I use different botanicals and branches and only handmade ribbons with texture and mesh so it’s organic looking !
I use the best silks & botanicals for the most realistic looks.

What’s my favorite wreath? :

It’s really hard to say which is my favorite work because I really love them all. If I had to choose probably The Luxury Plums and The Baby Blues. It’s so hard to say because I only make what I love !

How do I promote my work? :

I’m always working on promoting my work and pretty new at it so I’m always learning the tricks of the trade! However I am on Instagram with my company, Luxury Creative Wreath Designs, tagline: ~ Floral Couture For Your Door ~.

And I do have 9 of my wreaths waiting for homes in a great cafe in Deerfield Beach at The Modern Rose.
Hoping they sell there !

Also last year I was invited to do a pop up shop at the Kendra Scott jewelry store. And as mentioned before, doing a holiday wreath at The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens each year. I did make beautiful flyers that I send to Real Estate agents as they may like them for their closing gift for their clients!
Word of mouth is always helpful too !

How can people learn more about my wreaths? :

Anyone can direct message me on Instagram where I can answer any questions and direct them to my website for details if truly interested in them at:

Here are samples of her wreaths

The Autumn, a Fall wreath with deep orange and reddish sunflowers, purple mums, gold spike/ aspic, dark brown willows, greenery finished back to cover where side florals are in front.

The White Christmas, white frosted poppies, white ribbon , pinecones, rose gold berries.

The Pointsettia, red pointsettia, red berries, Christmas greenery, finished back with greenery.

The Luxury Plums, branches with tips of greenery up top,a plum palette with magenta floral buds trailing down and backside finished with green leaves. A favorite!

The Baby Blues, pale pink roses and white roses and blue berries , a greenish mesh ribbon around the wreath with the mesh bow on the side . A favorite!

The Sunshine,  A big full flowered wreath with florals completely around the circumference of the grapevine, bright pink roses, dipped pink roses , yellows , white florals , sprouts of greenery, a full bodied floral wreath finished with a moss back.

The Bella Garden, small sprouts of orange pomegranates, small deep burgundy/ fuchsia sunflowers, fuchsia peonies, chartreuse puffs spouting. Finished greenery back.

8. The Summer Time, dipped orange/pinky roses, yellow berries, with a white ribbon bow and small leaf ribbon hanging down.

The Lauren Rose, another favorite, very girly, pale pink roses, with small sprouted burgundy ones, white sprouts reaching at the top and side a greenish mesh ribbon wraps around the wreath with a side bow of greenish mesh, back finished in green moss.

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