An artist at heart, she knew it had to be something creative, and with the help of her high-school guidance counselor, Sherine discovered floral design and started an after-school vocational program. “That teacher was really tough on me,” Sherine says. “She’d toss my bouquet across the room, and I only got a good grade if it survived.” But the guidance counselor told her the teacher wouldn’t bother to pick on her if she didn’t see something good in her work, so she hung in there — and learned that she had not only a gift for floral design, but a Plan A passion.

This is her story…

I started floral design as a 15 year old taking classes in my home state of Michigan, I started working at Roses of Troy when I turned 16. Loved loved my job and designing!! I think that once you have “smelled the roses” it’s in your blood!!! I was hooked! My family moved to California after high school graduation in 1981…. Yes I’m old! Lol  I continued to work freelance and as a wedding florist until 1997 when I decided to apply to AIFD, 2 years later I was Inducted. Since then I have been an active member, volunteering and working in the industry.

My favorite part of this job is making people happy… even if I’m making Funeral Tributes, the family gets some joy from my designs.

I love to see the look on a brides face as I hand her the bouquet!

I feel that it’s a little selfish on my part, but years later I still get cards and pictures of brides and their families, as well as being involved in baby showers or just parties.

I feel that my key to success is really about getting to know the people… I ask a lot of questions!
The more I know the more I can fulfill floral dreams!

Since being inducted in AIFD I have also been a team member working at the White House under Laura Dowling. Probably one of the highlights of my career.

I teach and have given many demonstrations and classes throughout my career.

I would tell anyone to absolutely be a floral designer, but be prepared to work hard!

Best Wishes Always!

Sherine Iskander AIFD CFD