Botanical gardens are notably known for their aesthetically pleasing layouts and plethora of plants to view and admire, so with this in mind, experts at Greenhouses sought to determine which botanical gardens set our pulses racing, with the view of photographing them and posting on our social media accounts, making them the most instagrammable.

Some highlights from the research include: 

  • The country with the most Instagrammed botanical gardens is America, with 6 gardens featuring in the top 10 list across various states including Hawaii, New York and Missouri! 

Overall Results

In first place is Kew Gardens, with 744,491 hashtags on Instagram! Kew Gardens is based in London, and has been around since 1840. It is the home of the world’s oldest plant, the ​​cycad, which has been around since 1775. #Cyad has almost 5000 tagged Instagram posts.  also has over 50,000 different plants in its living collection and around 7 million preserved specimens. Many exotic animals also reside in Kew Gardens, such as peacocks, wild European badgers and at one point even kangaroos!

Longwood Gardens Yellow Lilies and Mums

Longwood Gardens in the US ranks second, with 288,975 total hashtags on Instagram. Longwood Gardens is based in Pennsylvania, and used to be home to the native Lenni Lenape tribe and Quaker farmers. Longwood gardens is considered to be one of the world’s great horticultural displays, with 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands, meadows, fountains, 10,010-pipe Aeolian organ and 4.5-acre conservatory.

"Jardim Botânico brazil"
Jardim Botânico brazil

In third place is Jardim Botânico, having been tagged 233,477 times on Instagram! Located in Brazil, these gardens were founded in 1808 and are famous for the scientific importance of the featured plant collection. The garden is also home to a vast range of historic monuments, buildings and artworks.

In fourth and fifth place are Jardin Majorelle in Morocco and Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the US with 233,477 and 105,201 hashtags on Instagram respectively

"jardin majorelle morocco"
Jardin Majorelle Morocco


OnBuy Greenhouses sought to determine which botanical gardens around the world are the most ‘instagrammable’ according to hashtag data. In house experts created a seed list of the ‘best’ botanical gardens around the world according to reputable lifestyle and travel publications, including TimeOut, and  Afar. Greenhouses then established the most ‘instagrammable’ botanical gardens by inputting the seed list of garden names into Instagram and noting down the amount of posts based on hashtags used. The data was gathered by going through every relevant hashtag to the botanic garden name and calculating the total. 

The highest number of Instagram hashtags was then compiled to rank the botanical gardens based on how many posts they had, and therefore based on how ‘instagrammable’ they are.

Other photos include: